Capturing those first precious moments of you and your newborn baby is a priceless gift.

Congratulations! You’re expecting a bundle of joy  who will quickly become the love of your life. Once your baby has arrived time will fly past in a whirl.

So it is crucial to grab hold and capture some of the most precious memories you will ever have of your new little one. Incredible moments that if not captured, will one day become a distant memory.

This is where I come in! My purpose is to illustrate from the outside the little bubble that is your life. All the little moments that get lost amongst the chaos of appointments, midnight feeds, sleepless nights and breastfeeding.

My aim is to capture the joy and pure unconditional love between you and your newborn as you bond as a family. By getting photos you leave memories for you, your children and grandchildren that can never be recaptured.

After waiting 9 long months, the moment your precious newborn baby arrives is truly magical. Their picture-perfect tiny features bring tears to your eyes, and you think fondly back on the little kicks and nudges they gave you when still in the womb. In their very first month, you’ll already start to see changes as they grow. Booking in a newborn photo session is the perfect way to capture their beautiful, tiny features in all their perfection at the very beginning of their lives, in that small window before they transition from newborn status to baby.

Our Studio

Our simple but artfully designed Hawkesbury studio is brightly and naturally lit, and provides a comfortable, laid-back setting for your family photo session.

The second pregnancy trimester is the perfect time to make a booking. I schedule a flexible booking around your due date to accommodate the uncertainty of birthing times. Once your baby has been born, you’ll need to let me know as soon as possible so that we can arrange the session to ensure it’s within the first 2 weeks of your baby’s life. Photographing babies in their first 2 weeks of life is crucial if you want to capture them before they unfurl, develop baby rashes and acne, and get to the stage where their rapid growth makes them a lot less calm, and a lot more in need of regular breastfeeding. 

Best time to book

Although the first 2 weeks is the ideal time for a photography session, all ages have something beautiful and unique to capture, and we have in-home sessions to cater to all of them. Keep in mind that new babies will behave in a significantly different way than older babies, especially in how alert they are during the sessions. If you want more information on our photo sessions with babies, get in touch!

Keep in mind that most due dates are not actually when the baby arrives…they have their own plan in mind! In fact, less that 6% of babies are born on their due date! This is why I schedule a flexible booking and do a limited number of newborn sessions each month. I understand that giving birth is a beautiful but trying process, and therefore try to make it as flexible and convenient for you as possible. Please do get in touch as soon as the baby is born, however, to ensure we capture him/her in those first two precious weeks of life.

The primary goal of my newborn photo sessions is to capture the gorgeous features of your newborn exactly as they naturally are. As a parent, you may want to join your baby in some of the photos, or have their siblings join in too. This is totally understandable, and there are no extra charges for this. I take a laid-back, natural approach to my photography, ensuring it delivers a classic, timeless look which will never be outmoded, no matter the interior.

Your Story

By putting myself into the shoes of parents, I am better able to convey the story of your family with love. When you look at the photograph years later, memories of that precise moment will flood you, along with the same feelings and strong sense of connection you’d experienced. The first stage of a newborn’s life, before they begin to change, is very short. They curl inwards, as if huddling inside the womb still, and their little eyes remain stubbornly shut as they sleep most of the day away. This changes incredibly quickly. The worlds of a 5-12-day old newborn and a 3-month-old baby are worlds apart. The miracle of each newborn should be captured individually, as they are unique in their features and who they are, and so is your adoration for them during this special time of life.

Get in Touch

If you would like to know more or are ready to book your newborn session, please contact me here.