Documenting your journey to parenthood.

Congratulations! You’re expecting a beautiful baby! You are bringing a new life into this world and while you might feel tired and nauseous, your pregnancy is a miraculous moment in your life.

Many women feel empowered, gain new self confidence or simply glow as their pregnancy progresses. It’s these moments that I love to capture during a maternity session. 

A maternity session is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to document your journey to motherhood.

Any stage of pregnancy is beautiful, but the optimal time to be photographed is when you’re 32-34 weeks along. 

This is the period when your “bump” will be at its fullest and most beautiful. This period also means you’ll avoid making yourself too uncomfortable and tired (which happens the most in the latest stages of pregnancy). 

Women who come to the studio for a maternity shoot can choose from a gorgeous selection of gowns to wear. Choose from a selection of gowns to wear either in the studio or outdoors or you can also opt to have a more relaxed, lifestyle shoot in the great outdoors.

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