For outdoor sessions, it is essential that we shoot at specific times of day. The harsh
midday sun can be unflattering and causes quite severe shadowing, horrible dappled light and squinty kids. I schedule each and every outdoor session for golden hour at the
beginning or end of the day.

I service all of the Sydney region, but anywhere outside of Sydney (including Central
Coast/Lower Blue Mountains/Wollongong or further) will incur an additional travel fee.

I certainly do! Ask me about my Bundles options when making your booking. The ideal times to capture your baby’s milestones in the first year are Maternity to capture you in all your pregnant glory, Newborn, 6-9 months when they can sit unassisted, and then as they turn the big O.N.E!

I shoot in all weather, EXCEPT RAIN! If it’s sunny, great… if it’s a little cloudy, even better… if it’s raining, we reschedule!

Yes, we can either arrange a payment plan leading up to your session between the two of us. Or else, we can use Payright Interest free finance. If you’re depending on using this payment method, we will need to submit your information for pre-approval before selecting a date. It’s really easy to do and only takes about 5 minutes to get an answer back from Payright.

Yes PLEASE! I’d just ask that you bring a friend or family member along to hang out with them while I get photos of just the humans. Bring some favourite treats to help me get his or her attention! And don’t be surprised if I howl to get your dog to look at me. It works, I promise.

Maternity photography sessions are best when scheduled for around the 32-34 week mark. This ensures that you have a beautiful bump to show off and it is also early enough to avoid that late pregnancy exhaustion and discomfort. 

For newborns photography sessions, I recommend booking when you are in your second trimester. I make a tentative booking around your due date, so that I’m aware there will be a newborn session around that time. You then notify me as soon as baby arrives and we lock in the first available session date which is guaranteed to be within their first 2 weeks of life. It’s important to try and photograph newborns before they pass that 14 day mark, as that’s when they begin to uncurl, develop infant acne, and have their first real growth spurt (so they get very hungry and a lot less sleepy). This age is just a guide though, and we can photograph newborns up to approx. 12 weeks. It’s important to remember that there will be a difference in the way a brand new baby is, compared to a baby that’s a lot older. Older babies will always be much more awake and alert during their session, which is great if that’s the stage of their life that you are wanting to document.

This happens in most cases. Did you know that only 3-5% of babies actually arrive on their due date? This is why I take only a limited number of newborn photography booking each month, to provide you with flexibility and convenience once you actually give birth. It’s important to contact me as soon as possible once baby arrives so that we can schedule your newborn session within those first 2 weeks.

The level of professional editing invested into each and every image is done in a way to enhance what was captured and bring out the optimum colour and tone. For further high-end editing, an additional hourly rate is charged.